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Dropcore is a unique blend of rts/rpg and top down shooter that provides unparalleled gameplay experience.

The gameplay of dropcore is intented to focus on the consequences of player action, level and ai will primarily react to your tactical choice , your playstyle significantly changes your gameplay experience. Whether you want to perform surgical strikes or go out guns blazing, the game adapts and provide interesting twists and rewards you for different playstyles.

Dropcore provides unparalleled mechanical customization that give player unlimited variations and replayablity. Every item you use, ability you cast, weapon you mount and unit you deploy can be extenisvely altered to have different functions, stats , mechanics , strengths and weaknesses. Every customization has the potential to drastically change your gameplay and allow you to explore the game's great mechanical depth.

Every single mission can be changed to have vastly different challenges, rewards and sometimes entirely different mechanics, rewarding you for different choices of playstyle.

Extensive progression trees allow you to fine tune your army and offers opportunities to change the fundamental game mechanics for even further specialization , forging your own experience.


Q,E,R - abilities and deployments

WASD: Move

You may extract near your headquarter once you complete the mission

You can quickly teleport around your stations in tactical view






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